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  1. Dear Doris Egan,

    I adore the Ivory trilogy. I have been a sci-fi and fantasy fan since forever. This is probably my fathers fault since he started reading to me as soon as I would be quiet and listen. When I moved to California and was looking for a new place to live I stopped at a yard sale first and picked up about twenty used books. I arrived at my new potential home: a short woman opened her door and was standing in front of four bookshelves full of only books. We exchanged perhaps three sentences before it became clear that we had the same love of sci-fi and fantasy stories, laughed about something or other, and knew that we would be great roomies. It turned out that her bookshelves were two books deep and amongst them was the Ivory trilogy. That was about 23 years ago and I’m still re-reading the trilogy. It’s that good. And I am an incredibly picky reader. Thank you ever so much for writing them.


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