Q: Will there ever be a sequel to City of Diamond?

A:  First, it is lovely of you to ask.  I still cherish a great fondness for those characters.  There was a time when I was ready to rush straight from volume one into volume two, full of the flush of obsessive enthusiasm.  Various life issues got in the way, and eventually I had to accept, as C.S.Lewis puts it, “the child will never be born, for the time of its begetting is past.”  And yet, I’m not ready to call code on this one.  I may not turn back to it for a long time, and if I do, it won’t be the book I would have written.  But I live in hope.

Q: Will you read my script and get me an agent?

A: No.  I could just leave it at that, but there are a number of fallacies involved here.  Let’s just say that if you’re asking me this question, you’re too far out of the loop to be ready for Hollywood.  That’s not a terrible thing; you just need to educate yourself a little.  I have some posts that might be helpful to you under Essays — try “Breaking In,” “Finding an Agent,” and “Constructing A Spec Script.”  Good luck.

Q: You don’t have to help me break in, but wouldn’t you like to read my script/fanfic story/novel?

A: For legal reasons, I must refuse.  Sorry.  Not trying to throw cold water.

Q: Let me tell you my fantastic idea —

A: …And here I must stop reading your email/comment.  This is not a reflection your idea, but on the litigiousness of modern society.

Q: Are you ever going to write novels again?

A: Yes.  I have novels stacked up over my inner airport, circling desperately as they wait for a chance to land.

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