Doris Egan grew up in New Jersey and attended Barnard College in New York City. She sold her first short story, “Timerider,” to Amazing Stories magazine while working in computer support on Wall Street. The sale was such a shock to her that she went to the nearest racquetball court and smacked a ball around until she could think clearly. Over the next several years she published four novels: The Gate of Ivory, Two-Bit-Heroes, and Guilt-Edged Ivory (as Doris Egan), and City of Diamond (as Jane Emerson). Among her short stories, her favorites are “The New Tiresias,” called “a beautifully written Regency adventure of a city that never quite was,” which appeared in the anthology The Horns of Elfland, and “The Sweet of Bitter Bark and Burning Clove,” from Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers (”a best-case partnering of Anne Rice meets John D. MacDonald.”)

Although Doris was married to books, she always wanted to have an affair with television. The time came when she could no longer put off the move to Los Angeles. Since then, she’s worked as writer and producer on quite a few one-hour dramas, including Torchwood, House, Smallville, Early Edition, and The Agency. She lives in a house in the hills with a garden, two dogs, and too many books, where she misses red and gold autumns and the time to write novels.

6 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Dear Doris,
    I think Jimmy Blake from E.O NJ called you “Dar, Dar,” He denied it last night at the Holy Name re-union. We all suffered insults from those boys in grammar school and lived to tell the tale. Congratulations on all your success. Hope you saw the booklet with your mom’s photo in the Welcome pages. I remember you well… bright red hair and eyeglasses. Just thought I let you know you are the only big success story we know of and just wanted to say “Hi” I guess having survived some Holy Name was somewhat of a success. Good luck with your work.

  2. And some of us call you Doris Mary! I doubt that you remember me, I am your cousin Karen – daughter of Evelyn and Earle Clauss who lived in Montclair when we were all little.
    Mary Henry Viscardo died recently when I had just found her on FB so I never got to see her but went to the funeral and caught up some. Word was you were a successful writer so I tracked you down. Good to see it’s true. Love to hear from you…

  3. Dear Doris
    Am watching old episodes of “House”. I am a bit of a writer. This is “way cool” to be actually able to communicate with an “authentic” writer.
    My email address

    My name is Ferman Smith. My pen name is Namref H. Tims. Get it? Just my name backwards.
    Well not sure if you will ever see this or read it but still “way cool”.


  4. Hi, Doris. Esther (DeBlasio) Nardino here. We went to EOCH together, classof ‘73.
    I have a question about the show House. In several episodes, one of the possible of diagnoses was LangerHans cell histioytosis. Why? How do writers decide these things?
    My son had Langerhns cell histiocyrosis. He’s been fine for the past 25 yrs.

  5. Doris, it’s Mary Curran, hope your well, I had to retire early but found myself started a pet sitting biz. I move into the home & care for people’s loved pets & the home. Life is good I hope yours is also. We were planning a reunion this year but that dam COVID shut the world down. Let’s hope next year we can pull it off, it would b nice to c u after all these years..mary

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